Toray Zirconia Oxygen Analysers

Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd. is the authorised sales and service agent for Toray Engineering Co., LTD. in Europe.

Toray Zirconia Oxygen Analysers determine oxygen concentration by using the conductivity of a Zirconia ceramic cell. Zirconia ceramic cells allow only oxygen ions to pass through at high temperatures. With reference gas on one side and sample gas on the other, oxygen ions move from the side with the highest concentration to that with the lowest concentration. This movement of ions generates an Electro Motive Force (EMF) which can be measured to determine oxygen content. This process is in accordance with the Nernst Equation.

Toray’s oxygen analysers are highly accurate and reliable, used in many applications such as for the check of residual oxygen by trace gas in food packaging, the control and monitoring of processing atmosphere in metal, semiconductor, LCD, electronic component production, combustion control, cultivation and fermentation, 3D metal printing, and glove boxes.

Weatherall is authorised within the EU to service or repair any of the Toray models listed below. If you need service or repair then please get in contact with us.

For other international service locations outside the EU please follow our link to Toray’s website.

We are able to repair and service the following instruments:

LC-450A / LC-450D
LC-300 / LC-300TEL