SP-220 Series

Toxic, Combustible, CFC Gas Leak Detector

  • Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC
  • Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC
  • Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC
  • Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC Riken Keiki SP-220 Series Gas Leak Detector. Toxic, Combustible, CFC
SP-220 Series at a glance

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The Riken Keiki SP-220 series are state of the art Leak Detectors.

The SP-220 Leak Detector has a rugged, light weight design as well as a fast response time. Ease of operation will make pinpointing hard-to-find, low concentration gas leaks a simple procedure.

Riken Keiki SP-220-SC Gas Leak Detector :

The lightweight SP-220-SC is a highly sensitive Gas Leak Detector for Toxic, Combustible and CFC Freon gases.

The SP-220 type SC version uses a hot-wire semiconductor sensor (MOS) that can detect a range of target gases.

Select from any of the forty listed gases for a direct reading referenced from a single calibration gas (PH3).

This new model SP-220-SC replaces the SP-205ASC used by the semiconductor industry for high sensitivity leak checking of hydride gases.

Riken Keiki SP-220-M / L / ML Gas Leak Detector :

The SP-220 Type M / L and ML are highly sensitive Gas Leak Detectors for Natural Gas as well as LPG .

Riken Keiki SP-220- F Gas Leak Detector :

The SP-220 Type F is a version exclusively for CFC Gases .

Riken Keiki SP-220-H Gas Leak Detector :

The SP-220 Type H2 is a version for Hydrogen

Riken Keiki SP-220-FUM

The SP-220 Type FUM is a version for Fumigation gases and can detect 7 Fumigation Gases including Phosphine as well as Sulfuryl Flouride.

General Features

The SP-220 Series has an integral pump, LCD display with backlight, molded rubber cover as well as an LED light and weather protection.
The Instruments have an IP-55 rating for dust and water ingress as well as Snap logging (128 readings) and data-logging (256 data points). These features allow for accurate record keeping in addition to testing accountability.

The SP-220 also has the ability to zero out background gas to help identify if you are getting closer to a leak source.

1000 Series Portable Detectors for Combustible Gases



  • Toxics / Combustibles / Freon target gas selectable from a list of 40 gases
    (calibration to only 1 gas(PH3) is needed)
  • Data logging / Snapshot logging
  • High speed, low concentration readings.
  • The new sensor will detect as low as 0.1 ppm
  • Operates continuously for over 12 hours
  • Robust and solid with easy grip design
  • Impact resistant rubber protective over-mold
  • Ingress Protection IP-55
  • Lightweight at only 215 grams
    (200 mm(H) x 44 mm(D) x 47 mm(W))
  • Manual LCD backlight (automatically ON when alarming)
  • 2 visual alarm LED’s
  • LED torch light
  • Peak value
  • Time
No. Gas name Display Concentration
Display 1
Display 2
1 Phosphine PH3 0.1 2
2 Acetone C3H6O 1 10
3 Arsine AsH3 0.2
4 Ammonia NH3 10
5 Isobutane i-C4H10 1 10
6 Isopropyl alcohol IPA 1 10
7 Carbon monoxide CO 10 30
8 Ethyl alcohol C2H5OH 1 10
9 Ethylene C2H4 1 10
10 Vinyl chloride VCM 1
11 Methyl chloride CH3CL 1 10
12 Xylene C8H10 1 10
13 Ethylene oxide EO 1 10
14 Silane SiH4 0.5
15 Methyl bromide CH3Br 1 20
16 Hydrogen H2 1 10
17 Trichloroethylene C2HCL3 10
18 Toluene C7H8 1 10
19 1,2-Dichloroethane EDC 1 10
20 Sulfur dioxide SO2 1
21 Propane C3H8 5 20
22 R-134a R-134a 50 250
23 R-22 R-22 10 50
24 R-32 R-32 10 50
25 n-hexane n-C6H14 10 50
26 Benzene C6H6 0.5 10
27 Formaldehyde HCHO 10 50
28 Methane CH4 1 20
29 Methyl alcohol CH3OH 1 10
30 Methyl ethyl ketone MEK 1 10
31 Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0.1
32 Diborane B2H6 0.1
33 Germane GeH4 0.2
34 Hydrogen bromide HBr 10
35 Hydrogen chloride HCL 10
36 R-407C R-407C 10 50
37 Hydrogen selenide H2Se 0.5
38 R-410A R-410A 10 50
39 R-404A R-404A 10 50
40 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene CH2C2F4 10 30
Note 1) ✔ means there is sensitivity, but no value can be given.
Note 2) Alarm accuracy, response time etc. are confirmed with calibration gas (PH3)
Note 3) The measuring results of the gas selection are intended for guidance only. The most accurate measurement is for calibration gas (PH3).
Model SP-220
Type Type SC (Toxic, Combustible and CFC)
Target gas Refer to the gas list
Detection principle Hot-wire semiconductor method
Sensor SH-8662
Measuring range Depends on target gas
Alarm set point Depends on target gas
Accuracy Displays 0.1 ppm-bar when PH3 0.3 ppm applied
Alarm pattern Gas alarm : Gas concentration reached or over the setting point.
Trouble alarm: Sensor connection / breaking, Low battery, Low flow, Circuit error, Calibration error
Alarm method Non-latching
Display of alarm Gas alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer
Trouble alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer, Display of error message
Alarm delay time 0 sec.
Sampling method Sample draw
Response time 10 sec.: Time to reach 0.1 ppm when applied PH3 0.3 ppm.
Output signal IrDA
Switch [AIR] [MODE] [POWER]
Display device LCD
Display contents Gas name, Gas concentration, Time, Battery, Pilot indicator, Pump driving indicator
Power source 2 AA dry cell batteries
Continuous operation More than 12 hrs.
Operating temp. & humidity -20 ~ +55℃(-4 ~ +131℉), 0 ~ 95% RH(non-condensing)
Dimension & weight 200mm(H) x 44mm(D) x 47mm(W), 215g
Ingress proof IP 55
Function Manual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Snap logging, Time, Cal alarm
Standard accessories Hand strap, Taper nozzle, Protection rubber cover