Detector Head for Combustible Gases

  • GD-A80 Combustible Detector Head GD-A80 Combustible Detector Head
GD-A80 at a glance

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Combustible Detector Head :

The Riken Keiki GD-A80 is a Combustible Detector Head which is ideal for measuring flammable gases . It is designed to be linked to the RM-5000 Multi-Channel Gas Monitoring Panel or the RM-6000 single Channel Gas Monitoring Panel in fixed system applications.

The GD-A80 can measure a variety of Combustible gases such as Methane , Iso-Butane as well as Propane and even Hydrogen.

GD-A80 Combustible Detector Head

The GD-A80 is explosion proof as well as complying to ATEX standards . It has a wide operating range of -20 Degrees to + 53 Degrees Centagrade. Applications for GD-A80 are wide ranging and include Marine Shipping Systems . Manufacturing Facilities , Industrial Kitchens , Industrial Boiler and Plant Rooms in addition to many other combustible gas detection applications .

The GD-A80 is ideal for measuring Hydrogen in Laboratory applications and can be mounted high up in the room. The GD-A80 sensor has a long life and should give many years of reliable service.

The units are easy to service as well as maintain. The GD-A80 is ideal for attaching to the Single Channel RM-6000 monitor unit

The Riken Keiki RM-6000 is a Single Channel Gas Monitor Panel. The RM-6000 is ideal for monitoring combustible gases, oxygen, and toxic gases. It is ideal for a range of industrial , Manufacturing in addition to Marine Applications.

Users can connect detector heads for Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen in addition to Combustible gases and other toxic gases. Detector heads that can be used include the SD-1  and also the GD-A80 , GD-F3-AA  as well as the GD-70D Intelligent pumped gas monitors .

The Indicator units each have an independent digital display that is easy to read . Each Indicator has a bar meter and multi-colour display for ease of monitoring. Power consumption is very low.  The RM-6000 is compatible with previous generation Riken Single Channel Monitor Panels.


  • Small and extremely rugged
  • Long life sensor
  • Explosion proof , ATEX
  • Will detect many combustible gases including Hydrogen
  • Flexible will connect to RM-6000 single channel and RM-5000 multi-Channel Monitors
  • Sample Draw Version available
  • Marine Shipping Systems
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Industrial Boiler and Plant Rooms
  • Laboratories
Model   GD-A80
Detection Principle Catalytic combustion / New Ceramic type
Gas to be Detected Combustible Gases
Detection Range Diffusion Type
Transmission cable CVV 1.25mm2 or 2mm” 4-core
Transmission distance Depends on Indicator
Power Supply Supply from Indicator
Operating Temperature -20 – +53C in constant condition
Operating humidity Below 95% RH ( non-condensing )
Structure Wall Mounting type
External Dimensions / Weight Approx 78 (W) x 154 (H) x 105 (D) mm Approx 1.0Kg
Explosion Proof Flame Proof Enclosures ( ATEX 11 1G Ex d 11C T4 Gb

IECEx : Ex d 11C T4 Gb

Ingress Rating IP65