Application Notes

November 2014

Siloxanes in Biogas

Siloxanes in Biogas

Organosilicon compounds widely used in hygiene, healthcare, and industrial products, find their way into land-fill, waste water treatment plants and ultimately into biogas as siloxanes. With a rise in demand for renewable energy sources, biogas is increasingly being used for electricity power generation, but without filtering the siloxanes, costly damage will occur to the gas turbines. This is beacuse Silicon Dioxide from combustion is produced and will settle on surfaces causing damage the interior equipment; at considerable cost to repair.

Identification of Siloxanes in Biogas at ppb, In-line, using GC-IMS™
The Solution…  GC-IMS™  a Gas Chromatograph coupled with an Ion Mobility Spectrometer in one portable instrument. It’s capable of quantifying and identifying quickly and easily, individual or total Siloxanes / Total Silcon, as low as ppbv, in-line within a Biogas matrix; providing cost-effective determination of biogas quality and filter-breakthrough events for biogas electricity generation, as well as direct “Gas-To-Grid” applications.

The GC-IMS-SILOX™ is an analytical instrument combining the separation afforded by Gas Chromatography with very sensitive detection of Ion Mobility Spectrometry. This is a very well suited instrument when rapid, sensitive, accurate and quantitative analysis of gas samples is needed.

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