Discontinued Products

Discontinued PORTABLE Models Description Replacement Model
SC-01 Expired CE Mark. Available to NON-EU customers only. Single Gas Toxic Monitor Contact Us
OX-07 Type A, Type B Single Gas Monitor for Oxygen OX-03 from 03 Series
GasWatch 2 / 01 Series Single Gas Monitors LEL / O2 / H2S / CO 03 Series
GX-2001 Four Gas Personal Diffusion Monitor GX-2009
GX-2003 Five in One Sample Draw GX-2012
P-200 Series  (GP-204, NP-204, XP-204) Hand Aspirated Single Gas GP-1000 / NC-1000
FP-30 / FP-40 Formaldehyde Monitor FP-31
RI-415 & RX-415 Series Hydrocarbon HC (NDIR) Monitor 0-100% LEL / VOL in Inert Atmospheres RX-8000
GX-94 / GX-82A / GX-86A Two, Three or Four Multi-Gas Diffusion Monitor GX-2009
GX-4000A / GX-111 Confined Space Four Gas Detector GX-8000
GP-226 Dual Range Combustible Detector NC-1000 / GX-8000 (TYPE LEL)
OX-1, OX-1C, OX-226, OX-415 Sample Drawing Oxygen Detector GX-8000 (TYPE O2)
GX-7 / GX-85N Multi-Gas Sample Drawing  Monitor GX-8000
NP-237H Catalytic and Thermal Conductivity Combustible Gas Monitor GX-8000 (TYPE E)
FI-21 / IF-18 / Model 18 Optical Interferometer Gas Indicator FI-8000
OX-62B Oxygen Monitor with optional Extender Cable OX-07
GP-88AS Dual Range Combustible PPM Detector NC-1000
GP-88A Dual Range Combustible LEL Detector GP-1000
NP-85 Dual Range Combustible VOL Detector NP-1000
SC-90 Single Gas Sample Drawing Toxic Gas Detector SC-8000
SP-205ASC / SP-210 / GH-202F PPM Leak Checker SP-220
RI-85 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (NDIR) Monitor GX-6000
Discontinued FIXED Models Description Replacement Model
OX-500 Standalone Oxygen (O2) Monitor OX-600
EC-500 Standalone Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor EC-600
SD-705 / SD-805 Smart Transmitter Gas Detector for Hydrocarbons / Toxics SD-1
RM-580 Multi-Channel Gas Monitoring Controller RM-5000
GD-A8 Fixed Type Gas Detector Head GD-A80
GD-K71D, GD-V77D, GD-F77A, GD-F77D, GD-K77DG, GD-S77DG Fixed Type Gas Detector GD-70D
GD-K7DII, GD-V7D, GD-F7D, GD-F7A,GD-B7, GD-S8DG Fixed Type Gas Detector GD-70D