TCT 2017 Exhibition

TCT 2017

Weatherall Equipment and Instruments Ltd are pleased to announce they will be attending the TCT 2017,  3d printing and additive manufacturing,  exhibition from 26-28 September 2017 at the NEC Birmingham. We will primarily be showing Zirconia Oxygen Analysers from Toray Engineering of Japan . Toray Oxygen Analysers are ideal for use in Additive Manufacturing applications

The Issue :

3D Metal Printing takes place in a sealed chamber and requires the chamber to be almost completely vacuumed of Oxygen. These very low levels of Oxygen are required for quality reasons,  ( the prevention of metal oxidation ) and safety (to prevent possible powder combustion).

The Solution :

TORAY LC-450A zirconia oxygen analyser

High accuracy Oxygen Analysers manufactured by Toray Engineering are an ideal means to monitor Oxygen levels at very low levels thus providing the control required for the safe and quality controlled manufacturing environment required in 3D Printing systems.

The LC-450A features a compact, lightweight design , making it ideal for 3D metal printing applications

     Summary of Features :

We are also Exhibiting Oxygen Deficiency monitors from Riken Keiki

The use of inert gases, such as Argon, in 3D Metal Printing systems also presents a safety threat.  If a leak occurs the argon will displace the Oxygen in the air which could lead to staff asphyxia which makes the monitoring of Oxygen levels outside the chamber is also essential.

This can be achieved by the use of compact low cost fixed Oxygen monitors such as the Riken Keiki OX-600 or portable personal monitors like the Riken Keiki OX-03.

03 Series OX-03 Single Gas Personal MonitorOX-600 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor