20 Years

RKI Instruments Celebrate 20 years

Our American counterparts RKI Instruments Inc. from Union City, CA proudly announce that 2014 marks 20 years of business as a leading gas detection company.

Weatherall, together with many of the other worldwide Riken Keiki’s distributors visited RKI Instruments in August to celebrate their 20 years of success.

Bob Pellissier and Sandra Gallagher established RKI in Hayward, CA in 1994. Each year, their business has grown, from just a few employees, to 70 today.
RKI Instruments Celebrate 20 years
RKI’s President, Bob Pellissier, said “I’m very proud of our highly talented and experienced team, Over the last twenty years, Sandra and I have had the good fortune to bring together the best and the brightest from a variety of professional backgrounds to deliver our customers the most comprehensive gas detection products and services possible.”

“We also want to thank all of our partners who have contributed to our success. We look forward to continued strong growth along with our distributors for many years to come.”