TORAY High Precision Zirconia Oxygen Analyser

  • TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser
  • TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser front screen and control panel TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser front screen and control panel
  • TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser flow diagram TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser flow diagram
  • TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser dimensions TORAY LC-450D zirconia oxygen analyser dimensions
LC-450D at a glance

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The LC-450D from Toray Engineering Co Ltd, is a highly advanced, high performance Zirconia Oxygen Analyser. Designed and manufactured by Toray Engineering, who have been at the forefront of Zirconia Oxygen Analyser design for over 30 years.

The LC-450D features very high levels of durability and reliability. It combines this with a desirable set of features, making it ideal for many applications in the electronics and process control industries.

Toray Zirconia Oxygen Analysers determine oxygen concentration by using the conductivity of a Zirconia ceramic cell. Zirconia ceramic cells allow only oxygen ions to pass through at high temperatures. With reference gas on one side and sample gas on the other, oxygen ions move from the side with the highest concentration to that with the lowest concentration. This movement of ions generates an Electro Motive Force (EMF) which can be measured to determine oxygen content. This process is in accordance with the Nernst Equation.

The LC-450D has a fast response time (T90 within 30 secs) with minimal line lag, features that are valued highly in many applications such as residual oxygen monitoring in the control and monitoring of processing atmosphere in 3D metal printing, semiconductor vacuum deposition systems, baking furnaces and cultivation and fermentation applications.

A key feature of the Toray LC-450D is it’s unique sensor coating resulting in very high reliability and durability leading to much longer sensor life and thus less calibration down time when compared with other solutions. This can mean significantly lower lifetime operating costs. This sensor technology also creates a lower sensor resistance which results in extremely reliable, repeatable, accurate and precise readings over time, a feature which is particularly desirable in an Oxygen Analsyser.

The LC-450D is a compact oxygen analyser designed for monitoring oxygen content in a very wide range from low ppm (1 ppm) up to 100% Volume Oxygen (Values less than 1 ppm are possible, but aren’t guaranteed, and are considered reference values).

It is easy to install, and features a 24VDC power supply (100-240VAC is also available see LC-450A).

Weatherall is the United Kingdom and European authorised sales and service agent for Toray Engineering Co Ltd Oxygen Analysers using Toray’s unique Zirconia Ceramic cells. For other international service locations please see Toray’s website.

  • Excellent Repeatability and Accuracy
    The Toray LC-450D has a unique, ultra-compact Zirconia sensor with special coating, which results in extremely reliable, repeatable, and highly accurate readings over time.
  • Highly Durable Sensor
    The specially treated Zirconia Oxygen Sensor results in unprecedented durability and reliability, leading to much longer sensor life and long-term stable precise measurements.
  • Fast Response
    The Toray LC-450D has a fast response time (T90 within 30 seconds).
  • Wide measurement range
    The Toray LC-450D is designed for monitoring oxygen content across a very wide range from ppm to 100% volume oxygen in a single device.
  • Easy to operate, and flexible installation
    This is an easy to operate, compact oxygen analyzer, ideal for many applications such as semiconductor, LCD, glove box, 3D printing, food packaging, etc.
    The compact dimensions make installation simple (portable or panel-mounted).
  • 24VDC Power Supply
    100-240VAC is also available (see the LC-450A)
  • CE Compliant
    RoHS, EN61010-1:2002, EN61326-1:+A3:2003
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Oxygen Control and Process Monitoring
  • Integration into Semiconductor / LCD equipment
  • 3D Printing
  • Glove Boxes
  • Food Packaging
Type Portable or Panel Mounted
Display Digital 4-digit display  (O2 concentration)
Measurement Range Display : Auto Range or 4 Ranges
Recorder: 0-10 / 100 / 1000 ppm / 100 %
The following ranges can be used in any combination:
1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 / 10000 ppm
1 / 10 / 100%, 10-20 – 10-0 atm
*Values less than 1 ppm are reference values (not guaranteed)
Sampling Method Continuous suction using a built-in pump
Supply Gas Rate Approx. 1.5 L/min
Sensor Gas Rate  60 ±10 mL/min
Gas Connection INLET (sample gas inlet):  Rc1/8
BYPASS OUT (bypass outlet): Rc1/8
OUTLET (sample gas outlet): Rc1/8
Reference Gas Air
Dimensions 240(W) × 134(H) × 210(D) mm
Weight Approx. 5 kg
Paint Colour Matte black
Repeatability Within ±1 % of full scale (at or above 0-10 ppm range)
(not guaranteed for the 0-1 ppm display range or below)
Air point stability Within ±1 % of full scale / 24 hours
Gas Response Within 30 sec (90 % response)
Recorder output External output: 0-10 V (4-20 mA is optional)
Communication output RS-232C standard (unidirectional)
Contact output Equipment error (No-voltage contact)
Concentration error (No-voltage contact)
Warmup signal (No-voltage contact)
[Contact capacity: DC/AC30V, 0.5A max.]
Range marker output 2-point output (Voltage contact) [Contact capacity: DC/AC 30 V, 0.3 A max.]
Self-diagnosis functions Sensor temperature error, Calibration error, Internal temperature error
CPU error, Furnace temperature error, Warmup error
Asymmetry potential error, Sensor resistance error
AIR point calibration error
SPAN point calibration error
Sample gas conditions Must not contain flammable components, halogen, silica, corrosive components or water droplets
Pressure: Pressurized at 29 kPa max.
Flow rate: 1,000-2,000 mL/min
Temperature: 50 °C max.
Humidity: Dew point lower than ambient temperature
Power supply Voltage: DC24 V ±10 %, (30 VA, steady supply)
Installation conditions Set up location: Indoors, Non-explosion-proof zone
Ambient temperature: 0-40 °C
Ambient humidity: 45-85 %RH, No condensation
Equipment options Activated carbon filter, Sintered metal filter