0-100% Vol O2 Monitor

  • 0-100% Volume Medical Oxygen Monitor 0-100% Volume Medical Oxygen Monitor
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Riken Keiki OX-07 Type C 0-100% Volume Oxygen Outlet Monitor

The OX-07 Type C measures Oxygen in the range of 0-100% Volume. It also measures Nitrogen by measuring the lack of Oxygen in the nitrogen pipeline . It is designed to measure Oxygen Purity in Medical Gas Pipelines as well as Medical Oxygen Concentrators.

UK Government HTM02-01 :

UK Government Health Technical Memorandum ( HTM) 02-01 details the operation , Management as well as Maintenance of Medical Gas pipelines in hospitals. These Guidelines provide a procedure for all medical gas safety persons to work from.

This has encouraged the regular checking of piped gases to ensure the quality of the gas delivered to patients. This includes the monitoring of supplies at service distribution points and patients rooms.

In order to check medical gas piping systems during and after installation, Medical Gas Engineers need to be able to measure Oxygen  0-100% Volume quickly easily and reliably.

The Riken Keiki OX-07 is an ideal solution for Medical Gas Engineers needing to check and maintain gas pipelines and Oxygen Concentrators.

OX-07 is very easy to operate with no special training :

The OX-07 connects to the pipeline or Concentrator via a simple adapter and tube . It is easy to use simply turn on perform an air cal then connect to the pipeline and measure. The Unit is robust and reliable and comes as standard with an impact resistant case.  It is light weight. Regular bump testing is easy via a simple single push button Air Calibration.

The Unit has a large and clear LCD display with Auto backlight . The OX-07 will operate for up to 5000 hours on one set of batteries in addition is has alarms for fail conditions. These are Audio/Visual as well as Vibration alarms.

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  • 0-100% Volume Oxygen measuring range
  • Large LCD display with auto backlight
  • Up to 5000 hours continuous operation.
  • Easy single push button air calibration
  • Easy to use , No special training needed
  • Rugged design , impact resistant rubber boot.
  • Audio/ Visual/ Vibration alarms in fail conditions
  • Light weight , compact , quick measurement.
  • 66(w) x 114 ( h) x 33(d)
  • Only 230g
  • Medical Oxygen Outlet Checking
  • Oxygen Concentrator checking
  • Nitrogen Pipeline checking
Measuring Gas and ranges 02. 0-100% ( Resolution 0.2%/digit)
Display LCD digital display ( Auto backlight )
Power Source Alkaline dry cell (2-AA size ) 2 pcs
Continuous operation Max 5000 hours ( 25deg c no alarm no back-light
Operating temp and humidity -20 – + 50 deg c below 95% TH ( non condensing
Dimensions and weight 66 (w)x 114(h)x33(d)mm approx 230g
Alarms ( Fault alarm only ) Sensor disconnection , low battery , circuit failure , calibration range error
Alarm functions Flashing light , Intermittant buzzer , display of error message
Standard accessories Sensor cap , Alkaline batteries 2 pcs
Optional accessories Carry case , Protective rubber boot, Belt clip , Extension cable ( 5m)