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These accessories are available as options for Weatherall Fixed Gas Detection systems whether they are standalone Monitors . OX-600 / EC-600 / RI-600 / GM-600 . Multi-channel Monitors ( RM-5000 ) or Single Channel monitors ( RM-6000)

Item 1 : WPSU-24 Series 240VAC – 24VDC Power Supplies with battery charging and battery backup . supply options 1-10.25A with 1.2-38Ah Battery options .

Item 2 :WPSU-24 Series 240VAC – 24VDC Power Supplies  without battery charging or back up. Supply options 1,2 and 3 Amps

Item 3 : SB-100 100dB combined sounder and LED Beacon ( other options of sounder . beacons or combined at up to 120dB are available )

Item 4 : GSM Text / email  Auto Dialler

Item 5 ENC1XX  IP rated enclosure


Ideal for use with Riken Keiki OX-600 / EC-600 / RI-600 / GM-600 / RM-5000/ RM-6000

Accessories for Fixed SystemsAccessories for Fixed Systems