1000 Series

Portable Combustible
Gas Detector

  • GP-1000 Hydrogen and Portable Combustible Gas Detector GP-1000 Hydrogen and Portable Combustible Gas Detector
  • GP-1000 Hydrogen and Combustible gas detector GP-1000 Hydrogen and Combustible gas detector
  • GP-1000 Digital Analogue Display Diagram GP-1000 Digital Analogue Display Diagram
  • GP-1000 Hydrogen and Combustible gas detector with Sample Hose GP-1000 Hydrogen and Combustible gas detector with Sample Hose
  • GP-1000 Portable Hydrogen and Combustible Gas Detector GP-1000 Portable Hydrogen and Combustible Gas Detector
  • GP-1000 Sample Probe Filter Holder GP-1000 Sample Probe Filter Holder
  • GP-1000 diagram GP-1000 diagram
1000 Series at a glance

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1000 Series Portable single gas detectors for Hydrogen and Combustible gases

The Riken Keiki 1000 series are Portable single Hydrogen and Combustible gas detectors. There are 3 standard models in addition to a Hydrogen specific version . The GP-1000 has a range of 0-100% LEL . The NC-1000 has a range of 0-10000 ppm. The NP-1000 has a range of 0-100% Volume .

The 1000 series have several attractive features.  Users can directly read up to 25 target gases ( 5 for NP-1000). There is a large intuitive display as well as a strong backlight.  Datalogging in addition to a pump boost mode for long sampling lines, are also included.

Single Combustible gas calibration

1000 series comes calibrated to either Methane , ISO-Butane. Users select any one of 25 target gases can be selected by a simple button operation. Optional filters can be used with the standard gas sampling probe to remove Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or Silicone. These gases normally damage this type of catalytic sensor.

The Instruments have ingress proof rating of IP67 and are Intrinsically safe in addition to having ATEX approval.  A safety rating of ExiaⅡCT4 allows users to detect a gas at hazardous area Zone 0 . Areas where an explosion risk always exists.

Customers find the 1000 series is ideal for checking gas leaks or monitoring gas in oil refineries, petrochemical plants. In addition the Hydrogen specific version is ideal for use in power stations as well as fuel cell leak checking.

NP-1000 Hydrogen Detector

The NP-1000-H2  is a version calibrated specifically for Hydrogen in the range of 0-10% Volume or 0-100% Volume. The NP-1000 is ideal for use in Fuel cell environments, Power station Generator purging in addition to many other Hydrogen Economy applications.

The 1000 series are small, light and compact in addition to being very easy for users to operate.  They operate with 4 x Alkaline batteries allowing continuous operation of up to 20 hours.  The 1000 series has a strong on board pump with pump boost which allows use with long sampling lines up to 30meters.


Users benefit from standard accessories which include a 0.75m hose as well as a probe. Users can specify optional accessories which include data logging software , carry case in addition to H2S filters and sampling hoses. In addition see links to the complimentary instruments below.

GX-6000 Benzene



O3 Series personal single gas monitors




  • Target Gas can be selected from a list of 25 gases ( 5 NP-1000)
  • Pump Boost ( Normal 300ml/min Boost 600ml/min )
    [for use with long sample lines.]
  • New probe / Tefron tube are applied as standard
  • Continuous operation for 20 hours
  • 2 way gas concentration display (Value & level indication)
  • Intrinsic safety ex-proof
  • IP 67 rating
  • Data logger available
  • 1st & 2nd gas alarm points
  • GP-1000 – Low range (0~10%LEL) or High range (0~100%LEL) Auto ranging
  • NC-1000 – 0〜1000ppm (Low range) 0〜10000ppm (High range ) Auto ranging
  • NP-1000 – Low range: 0 – 10.0 vol% / High range: 0 – 100 vol% , Auto ranging

Target gas is selected by a simple button operation from a list of 25 gases, already loaded into the GP-1000 / NC-1000

No. Gas list Name indicated on LCD Lower explosion limit LEL
1 Methane CH4 5.0vol%
2 Isobutane i-C4H10 1.8vol%
3 Hydrogen H2 4.0vol%
4 Methanol CH3OH 5.5vol%
5 Acetylene C2H2 1.5vol%
6 Etylene C2H4 2.7vol%
7 Ethane C2H6 3.0vol%
8 Ethanol C2H5OH 3.3vol%
9 Propylene C3H6 2.0vol%
10 Acetone C3H6O 2.15vol%
11 Propane C3H8 2.0vol%
12 Butadiene C4H6 1.1vol%
13 Cyclopentane C5H10 1.4vol%
14 Benzene C6H6 1.2vol%
15 n -Hexane n-C6H14 1.2vol%
16 Toluene C7H8 1.2vol%
17 Heptane n-C7H16 1.1vol%
18 Xylene C8H10 1.0vol%
19 Ethyl acetate EtAc 2.1vol%
20 IPA IPA 2.0vol%
21 MEK MEK 1.8vol%
22 Methyl methacrylate MAA 1.7vol%
23 Dimethylether DME 3.0vol%
24 Methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK 1.2vol%
25 Tetrahydrofuran THF 2.0vol%

NP-1000 Gas List

No. Gas list Name indicated on LCD
1 Methane CH4
2 Propane C3H8
3 Isobutane i-C4H10
4 Argon Ar
5 Helium He
* Hydrogen H2

NP-1000 Base Gas list

No. Gas list Name indicated on LCD
1 Air Air
2 Nitrogen N2
3 Carbon Dioxide CO2

There is a NP-1000 for H2 detection only. If would like to detect H2 gas,
order the H2 version. H2 version cannot convert reading to other gases.

Note 1) Alarm accuracy, response time etc. are confirmed with calibration gas.
Note 1.) Performance (Accuracy/Response time etc) is determined by the calibration gas ( Methane or Iso-butane as standard ). After selecting a target gas from the menu (other than the calibration gas), the indicated value of the gas can only be considered as a reference value ( it is same as calculating the value using the sensitivity data).

Note 2.) If a more accurate reading is required, then an actual gas calibration is required. Contact Weatherall if the GP-1000 is required to be calibrated with a gas other than CH4, i-C4H10, H2.

Note 3.) The gas selection function is only available when the GP-1000 is calibrated to either CH4 or i-C4H10.

Note 4.) Some gases included in the gas list have strong absorption characteristic. Therefore, Fluorine sample tubing is supplied as a standard accessory. Special attention is needed when the spiral tube is used.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Model GP-1000 : (for other models refer to data sheet in downloads)
Gas detected Combustible gas (CH4, HC etc. Refer to the gas list)
Sensor principle Catalytic combustion
Detection range 0-100%LEL
Alarm types Gas alarm: Trouble alarm: Latching, 1st and 2nd alarm Low flow, sensor disconnection, low battery voltage, Circuit abnormality, detection range abnormality
Alarm methods Gas alarm: Trouble alarm: Continuous buzzer, flashing lights, gas concentration reading blinks Intermittent buzzer, flashing lights, trouble condition is displayed
Preset alarms Indication accuracy 1st:10%LEL 、 2nd:50%LEL Full scale +/- 5% (at same condition)
Response time Within 30 seconds (T90)
Sampling method Sample-draw, Flow rate > 0.3L/min (Approx. 0.6L/min for pump boosting mode)
Indication precision Digital LCD with 7 segments + Bar meter (50 partioning) + Status information Digital numeral 7 segments indication: 0 – 100%LEL Digital bar meter indication: Auto range (0 – 10%LEL / 0 – 100%LEL) 0〜10 %LEL (L range) 0〜100 %LEL (H range)
Power source AA alkaline battery, 4pcs
Continuous operation More than 20 hour (new battery, no alarm and no indication, at 25℃)
Operating temp. & humidity Operating temperature -20〜50℃, humidity 0 – 95%RH (non condensing) Storage temperature -25〜60℃, humidity 0 – 95%RH (non condensing)
Dimension 80.1(W)*124(H)*36(D)mm (3.15(W)*4.88(H)*1.42(D) inches)
Weight Approx. 260g (9.2 oz.) (exclude alkaline battery)
Water dust proof IP 67
Safety design Intrinsically safety ExiaIICT4
Approvals Ex-proof: IECEx, ATEX, TIIS Other: CE marking
Function LCD backlight, data log, log data indication, peak indication Pump boosting, gas select
Specifications subject to change without notice.