Clarex® Filter Materials - COLOURS
Clarex® Non-Glare sheets are available in clear as well as many shades of gray smoke, sepia smoke, wine smoke, brown smoke, red and violet. When the proper filter colour is chosen the result is sharp, clear characters with good contrast between characters and background. Clarex® Non-Glare sheet can also be supplied in custom colours and transmissions.

Standard Colours:

Colour No. Colour
Total Light
N-127 Gray Smoke 23% LED
N-217 Gray Smoke 31% LED, EL, FED
N-159 Gray Smoke 41% LED, EL, FED, CRT
N-157 Gray Smoke 50% LED, EL, FED, CRT, VFD
N-119 Gray Smoke 63% PDP, EL, FED, CRT
N-298 Gray Smoke 70% PDP, FED, CRT
N-168 Gray Smoke 75% PDP, FED, CRT
N-2902 Gray Smoke 80% PDP, FED, LCD
N-150 Brown Smoke 31% LED
N-205 Red 17% LED, VFD
N-030 Red 9% LED
N-221 Violet 8% LED
N-219 Green 23% LED, VFD
N-250 Green 16% LED, VFD
001 Clear 91% LCD, PDP, EL, FED