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CLAREX® AR (Anti Reflection) COAT FILTER

CLAREX® AR COAT FILTER is treated with a multi-layer AR coating which prevents light reflection. Additional coatings prevent surface scratching and smudging.
CLAREX® AR COAT FILTER may be combined with non-glare surfaces to further reduce reflection.


Excellent reflection prevention. Excellent transmission.
Excellent optical characteristics. Excellent surface hardness.
Excellent impact resistance. Excellent smudge resistance.

Available in any colour. (see standard colours)


0.8mm, 1.0mm. 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm
(Please contact us if your require another thickness)

310 x 380mm (Effective size is 290 x 360mm)


Anti-Reflection Panel for LCD, CRT, LET, EL, PDP, VFD, FED, Bar Code Scanners, etc.


Smooth surface, AR2, hard-coat 2, shown as RH20, MH21 flat.
Non-glare one surface, AR2, hard-coat 2, shown as RH20 MH21 No. 1.
All AR coatings and non-glare surfaces available 1 side or both sides.
(Refer to "Optical Properties" chart below).


Product No. Colour Tone Transmission Reflection
RH20 MH21 Flat 001 Clear 98% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-2902 Gray Smoke 80% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-298 Gray Smoke 70% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-119 Gray Smoke 63% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-157 Gray Smoke 50% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-159 Gray Smoke 41% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-217 Gray Smoke 31% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-127 Gray Smoke 23% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 Flat N-205 Red 17% under 0.5% at 550nm
RH20 MH21 No.1 001 Clear 97% under 0.5% at 550nm


Specific Gravity ASTM D-792   1.19
Elongation ASTM D-638 % 5
Flexural Rupture Strength ASTM D-790 kg/cm2 800
Heat Distortion Temperature ASTM D-648 C 110
Maximum Recommended Continuous Temperature C 80
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D-696 cm/cm/C 7 x 10 -5
Heat Resistance 80C x 100hr   No Change
Cold Resistance -40C x 100hr   No Change
Humidity Resistance 40Cx90%x100hr   No Change
Thermal Cycle -40C <=> 80C
(10 cycles)
  No Change
Sunshine Weather Meter 100 hr   No Change
Pencil Hardness     6H ~ 8H
Shed Water (Touch Angle)     114

Clarex HSOT Light Guide Panel:


Isopropyl Alcohol No Change
Soap Aqua Solution No Change
Water No Change
Sulfuric Acid Dissolved
Sodium Carbonate Dissolved

* Value provided cannot be guaranteed in your application due to circumstances beyond our control.